How to set up your D2C Brand

Direct-to-Customer (D2C) is a new and popular sales approach that allows companies from all niches to create, advertise, and sell their products directly to customers without the participation of an intermediary (i.e. A middleman) across various channels. These channels could be anything ranging from an E-Commerce Platform to a Retail Store.

With Covid-19 severely impacting offline businesses and marketing, the graph of online sales kept increasing exponentially and the whole marketing game has changed ever since.

Pre-pandemic marketing was governed by distributors but now, producers get to own their business as they become their own distributors and market their products the way they want to.

In 2020, India's e-commerce business surpassed $64 billion and has been incredibly competitive ever since. According to current statistics, e-commerce sales are predicted to account for 21.8 percent of global retail sales by 2024. So, if you're debating launching a direct-to-consumer brand, now is the time!!

There are essentially a few important tips and rules that companies must keep in mind while launching their D2C Brand.

1. Defining your Brand’s Purpose Your brand's vision, the areas/markets it wants to conquer, and the difference it wants to make are all part of its purpose. Not only will having a defined brand purpose help you attract potential clients, but it will also make your brand stand out.

2. Brand Marketing and Market Analysis You may have a good product, but what makes it stand out in the market is how good its marketing is. Your brand’s success, its domination in the target market, and customer acquisition are determined by how well your product is marketed.

3. Analyzing Target Audience and Leveraging social media When developing a direct-to-consumer brand, it's critical to know who your target audience is and what type of content they'll love to see on your social media platforms. Brands that regularly engage with their customers through various internet platforms tend to have greater penetration into their target audience.

4. Organic Sales Increase client retention by focusing on organic sales and devising strategies to assure an excellent customer experience and personalization. You can either have an in-house sales team to look over different strategies or outsource your sales to a third party for maximum efficiency and results.

D2C has seen an exceptional rise in the past few years and has paved the way for many upcoming (and older brands) giving them a platform to directly connect to their customers. This is the perfect time to launch your D2C brand and achieve great heights in your sales.