Our focus is to make it easy for SMEs to get quick access to working capital at very affordable rates. We use an off-balance sheet solution which allows businesses to use unpaid invoices as a collateral to get immediate working capital. This helps businesses in following ways -

  • Get timely access to working capital and reduce business cash cycles
  • Shorter cash cycles help increase operational efficiency and business growth
  • Bill discounting solution that doesn’t impact balance sheet
  • Improves quality and economics of relationships with distribution networks

Optimize your working capital requirements

We understand the importance of adequate liquidity which is required to run a growing business and hence we have partnered with financial institutions which help to finance your working capital requirements.

They support you in financing both trade receivables and trade payables which provides you with sufficient cashflows to expand your business.

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Supply chain finance
We enable businesses to enhance their cash flows by offering their clients extended payment periods while providing early payments to suppliers on their invoices. This is typically done by invoice discounting or reverse factoring.

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Working Capital Finance
Our working capital solutions enable businesses to get unsecured loans, allowing them to maintain their liquidity and cash flow.

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Sales Consulting

We examine your data to provide insights and develop a strategy, that is tailor-made for you. We combine our expertise and abilities to transform your processes and strategies, and hence your brand.

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Growth Strategy

We assist our clients in gaining a more comprehensive understanding of trends, prospective growth rates, and market structures that allows you to achieve a higher level of market share than you currently have

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Business Finance

We intend to meet the company's financial obligations through cash flow, funding operations, and capital management. We help arrange quick and hassle-free loans so that liquidity is maintained at all times.

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